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Hi guys !

In conTEST, there is test (no idea how I will translate that bad joke in French)! So it’s a first try and your inputs will help me to grow, as always! But here is my first contest with some wonderful prizes, and some gifts for those who will participate, and also for everyone! Yes, there will be gifts also for everyone because no one will be left on the side!

The prizes:

1 Lifetime Subscription to my Onlyfans Channel

2 Discounts of 70% for 1 to 6 months (so a discount of 25$ for each)

7 Discounts of 50%  for 1 to 6 months (discount of 15$ each)

That’s for the first ten of you who will participate, if there is more I will update the prizes

Is that all? Of course not, there is more! Because I try to be generous towards my fans! And you know what? That’s you!

So the gifts for those who WILL participate:

1 exclusive video, outdoor, no censorship

1 set of photos where I will write your name or nickname on my body, and one video of the making of

1 surprise gift (yes, I don’t know what it will be at the moment so stay tuned)

And then, is there more? Of course!

Here are the gifts for everyone, it will grow with donation level:

At 5$: I will do a live stream on Chaturbate, it will last for 2 X the total amount of tips.

If I reach 5$, the live will last 10 minutes

If I reach 20$, the live will last 40 minutes, etc…

For those who will participate, you will be able to chose one action I will perform during the live stream. I will put afterwards the replay here

At 20$: I will provide you a video where I play outside, using one toy or more. The video will be in HD, and the toy will be chosen by the ones who will participate.

At 30$: Discount of 10% for everyone

At 50$: Exclusive video of a scene I will shoot soon, that will only be available for the fans with an active subscription

At 75$: Discount of 20% for everyone

At 100$: The 3-Way will be free for all the fans with an active subscription (by the way, it should be recorded soon)

At 150$: Discount of 30% for everyone

At 250$: 3-Way won’t be enough, what about a 4-Way? Only free for all the fans with an active subscription

At 500$: First I will cry, but that’s not really a gift. I will plan a whole day of shooting with some other actors, in a special location. If we reach this amount, there will be also another surprise to come!

At 1000$: A whole day isn’t enough? We’re going for a whole weekend, in a villa, with a pool and a lot of sex! 3-Way, 4-Way, and much more content to come!

How can you participate and be part of this contest?

You just have to tip me with 5$. For every 5$ you spend, you have one extra chance to have the first prize which is a Lifetime Subscription to my Onlyfans. I will draw the winners during my live stream!

Your inputs are welcomed of course. It’s a first draft for me and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I will. Maybe it’s a first contest of many more to come.

I’ve tried to put some goals that are challenging for me, and for you but not impossible. At this moment, we are more than 100 so just imagine how far we can go with the donation level if everyone tips? I know it won’t be the case, but it will be up to those who can to try to reach the goals they want me to achieve.

And don’t think it’s an easy win for me, the goals will be challenging. And I think the efforts will be worth the price.

When will it start?

On the first of April, no joke. I will do a new post and all of those who will tip 5$ or more on this post will be part of the contest. If you want to already give a tip, feel free to do it on this post and I will count it for the contest also!

What is the final goal?

Well I want to buy better recording material so it will help me to do it. Then I will be able to pay the other guys that will be part of the videos. And in a more long term view, it will help me towards building my own place but that’s for later!

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